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5 Lessons Learnt From Capture Your Style

Hi, how’s it going? This year one of my goal's was to improve my photography for my blog and Instagram (hopefully). When I heard that Aimee Song (who videos I have watch a few times) had a book about Instagram and photography I decided buy it. I have learnt five helpful lessons from reading this book:

1.Helpful, practical and easy advice: I was surprised by how helpful, the advice she wrote on every chapter was. I found the advice practical  and easy to follow. I love how detailed and beautiful the pictures are in the book.
2.Encouragement to be different and not follow the cliché: One of my favourite pieces of advice I took away from her book was to try and avoid the Instagram cliché. In the book she writes about how we have all taken a one or many cliché pictures you see on Instagram, which is okay to do but we should think outside the box. 

3.Write a mission statement: On page 41 in her book she  says to write a mission statement and what you aim to do with for your Instagram account…

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