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How To Take Good Polaroid Pics

Hi, how's it going?

I truly love polaroid pictures, over the last year I have been learning how to take good photos. I think polaroid are rare thing because if you lose it, it's gone for good. Here are the tips I have learnt:

When taking a photo angle the camera within  arms length, try your best to keep it straight, slightly high. When its at this angle you can take a selfie or a group photo with two if your lucky three people.

Set the scene:
When its come to the setting on the camera, I have learnt one good tip.

Get away from the light!

I have taken pictures with the light nearby and the photo has turn out with a bright spot on the film. Turning your back or moving away from any light helps.If you want a picture in the sun try not to be near the sun.

Take it everywhere:
In the beginning when I had a polaroid camera I wouldn't take it anywhere, but now I take it on holidays and days out with family to capture moments with everyone.

I always have lots of fun taking p…

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