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Mid-Year Goal Review 2017

Hi all, how's it going?

This year I decided to set goals for the first time (you can read the post here). I lack motivation a lot so I thought it will be a good idea for myself to set them.

This year has gone by fast we are now in August (what?). Here is how I have been doing (pssh it's a long one)

Create a consistency routine with blog posts.
Let's just say I haven't done well with the consistency aspect of my first blogging goal but I believe I have done well to keep up. I understand why I haven't been keeping up, due to my lack of motivation but I have decided to aim for one blog  post a week at least so I don't put pressure on myself like I used to. 

Write blog posts of what I know aka finding my niche:
Finding my blogging niche has been a good  experience for me because I have been comparing which blog posts has had more views and has me thinking about what I type of blog posts I should so more of. But I still want to try out new things though. Improve my pho…

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